Luc's personal experience with Rolfing

After a long history of back problems and having tried numerous therapies, I came across Rolfing in 2008. During the first session, I was surprised that the Rolfer was not only working on my problem zones, but my whole body. He told me that my pain was probably caused by my posture and that a local treatment would not ease the pain in the long term.

The effect was astonishing and permanent. The pain gradually faded away, I felt lighter and more energetic than before. How was this possible? What exactly had happened? I wanted to learn more about this treatment and pass my experiences on to others.

Training and background

I was trained to become a Certified Advanced Rolfer in the United States and in Brazil. The initial fascination became a passion and I decided to dedicate my professional future exclusively to Rolfing. What is more exciting than helping other people to feel good within their bodies? Today I practice in Zurich and Murg SG on the shore of beautiful lake Walensee. I am fluent in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and speak some Russian.

I hold a master's degree in Corporate Communications from the University of Lugano and worked as an internal Communications Consultant for companies in the medical device and energy sectors for ten years, before moving into the health sector.