Welcome to reLuc Rolfing in Zurich!

reLuc stands for the restoration of physical balance through Rolfing® – a form of body work that realigns the body, refines perception and increases vitality. With an array of manual techniques, Luc Lippuner reorganizes your connective tissue or fascia wherever it has become stuck, thickened or deformed. This will help reduce your chronic pain, post-operative discomfort and increase your range of motion. Luc does not only treat you with his hands, but also supports you to become more conscious of your own body. Personalized analyses and exercises will guide you towards better posture and movements that are more in harmony with our anatomic design. A new and improved life may begin! Come to my beautiful office in Zurich and feel the amazing experience of Rolfing in your own body!

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«The very first Rolfing session already had a big effect on me. My uneven pelvis and the connected muscle pain improved immensely.»

Nadine S., Zürich