What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a form of body work that reorganizes your body and refines your perception by encouraging you to stand and move more naturally. Using a wide array of manual techniques, the Rolfer releases your connective tissue or fascia wherever it has become stuck, thickened or deformed. This will make you feel more mobile, energetic and experience less pain. With movement analyses and exercises to train self-perception, the Rolfer will help you correct bad habits. You will soon feel in tune with your body again and be able to maintain long term results.

Ida P. Rolf

Biochemist and founder of the method Dr. Ida Rolf intensively studied osteopathy, chiropractic and Yoga. Based on the knowledge she gained from these therapies, she conceived her own manual treatment method which she initially called «Structural Integration». Unlike other forms of bodywork, Rolfing bases its approach on the manipulation of fascia. This connective tissue wraps around muscles, bones and organs and gives our body its individual shape. It was Ida Rolf's firm conviction that the systematic manipulation of this tissue will result in substantially improved body posture and range of motion.