What clients say about Rolfing with reLuc

«Hey Luc! I wanted to let you know I got a second set of X-rays on my arm and it is definitely broken. I'm not sure how the first X-rays missed it because it is really obvious. The doctor said I do not need surgery and I can let it keep healing because the alignment is so good. He also said he is very surprised at how good the alignment is due to the severity of the break. I know with absolute certainty it is because you put things back in place for me. I wanted to thank you so very very much! Things would not be going as well as they are without your kindness.»

Katy Meek, Alaska, US

«In one of the sessions Luc asked me if I had ever broken my nose. My spontaneous answer was no. Only on my way home I realised that I actually did break my nose a long time ago. This kind of thing happened to me over and over again during Rolfing sessions: old injures came out of my body and gave way to a slow, but lasting and remarkable healing process. This process required a lot of patience from my side, but it was well worthwhile. I finally feel great again in my own body.»

Esther Stingelin, Frauenfeld