What else clients say about Rolfing in Zurich

«Thanks to the method of Rolfing Luc was able to identify the cause of my decade long back pain. He also showed me ways to actively improve my posture in order to completely eliminate pain in the long run.»

Albin Kälin, Widnau

«I have been fighting persistent pain and tension in my neck for a long time. Sometimes the pain started in the middle of the night. Through intensive toning and Rolfing the pain subsided. If it ever comes back, I can rely on the effectiveness of Rolfing – the tension is resolved in a matter of minutes and I am pain free with permanent effect.»

Natalie Kolb, Zürich

«I told Luc about the pain on my forearm, which probably comes from a lot of typing on the computer. He treated my arm with a couple of grips. To my great surprise, I immediately felt an immense relief from the pain that had plagued me for years. This was awesome as I had tried everything possible – without success. Now I felt a noticeable improvement after a single session. Thank you Luc for introducing me to Rolfing and improving my life quality!»

Ana Catarina Costa, Brasilia